How One Movie Can Make You Famous

Our philosophy in life is usually to work hard and good things are bound to happen; and for the most part that is true. Even when it feels like good times never happen, we may not end up with what we originally believed, but in the end things always seemed to work out. When it comes to celebrities, though, sometimes it’s not always hard work that lands them on the red carpet – sometimes it’s all by accident or one simple part in a movie suddenly landed them into the world of stardom and fame. Here is a list of a few celebrities who became famous almost overnight. Mel Gibson – Before Mel Gibson became the star that we know today, he used to only do stage performances in Australia, believing that was as far as he was going to go. When a friend of his asked him to drive him to an audition for the movie Mad Max, he didn’t even hesitate to say yes, for it never even crossed his mind to actually audition for it. The night before the audition, Mel Gibson found himself in a bar and eventually into a fight. The next morning when he and his friend went into the audition, the director saw him covered in bruises and asked Gibson to come back. He returned a few weeks later he returned. Instead of placing him as the part of a strange-looking villain he ended up as the main lead, completely changing his career and life forever. Johnny Depp – Johnny Depp’s first movie debut, The Nightmare on Elm Street, was a definite reason why he became an almost instant star. He didn’t have a large part, however the fame the movie presented itself after it’s released, help Depp move on his way to the movies we’re more familiar with him in, such as Cry-Baby, Edward Scissorhands and The Pirates of the Caribbean. It just shows you that even a small part in a movie can make you famous. Harrison Ford – The beloved Harrison Ford, the one who brought the iconic characters of Hans Solo and Indiana Jones, was not always the famous actor as we know and love. He was actually a carpenter and a struggling actor when he met the Star Wars creator George Lucas. He didn’t even audition for the part of Hans Solo. He stood in for screen tests for Lucas and never believed he would be the one to land the part of Hans Solo, but I know that we’re all glad that he did. So how does this happen? How does a single movie cause someone to go from a nobody to a famous actor? Well, it’s not quite something you can achieve. Most of it is luck and good timing with a dash of hard work. All these actors happened to meet the right people or even end up in a part (big or small) of a movie that ends up making it big. You never know what is going to become famous in the future. What we do know, is that these are not the first actors to become instant stars overnight nor will they be the last.

Top 10 Movies to be Released in 2016

2016 is a very exciting year for movies. There is a lineup of films that will be released that have been building interest for some time. Some notable mentions are Deadpool, Suicide Squad, and Star Wars Anthology: Rogue Nation. It truely is going to be a year of amazing movies, and we at MovieGab are truly excited. In the video below, you will see XCODELITEX talk about his most anticipated movies for 2016. Although we do not completely agree with his list, we thought it would be fun to share, as it showcases some of the exciting films to be released. So sit back and enjoy! As you can see, the author of the films selected the following list for his top 10 most anticipated movies for 2016: Deadpool Independence Day 2 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Finding Dory The Incredibles 2 Suicide Squad X-Men: Apocalypse Captain America: Civil War Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice You can certainly tell that this author is a huge super hero fan, as many of the movies he mentioned were related to comic hero movies. Were not gonna lie, we are huge fans of the Marvel and DC comic book series of movies that have been released up to this point. I for one am extremely excited about the Dead Pool movie, and I will be including many posts regarding this anticipated film. Another huge film will be Star Wars Anthology: Rogue nation. I am a huge Star Wars fan, and when I heard Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars Franchise I was both excited and worried. The reason I was Excited was because I thought I would never see another Star Wars film again, as the series seemed to have been complete, but now it looks like there will be many more episodes to be released. On the flip side, I was worried that Disney could ruin the authenticity of this series. i have seen many classics overused in sequels, such as all the die hard movies or rocky Films. Lets hope this does not happen to our beloved Star Wars Series. I would love to hear form you as to what your thoughts are on a top 10 for new releases in 2016, and whether the Star wars series will be ruined or rejuvenated. Look forward to hearing form you all!

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